Single wire Earth Return transformers (SWER)

Revive Electrical Transformers manufactures a variety of SWER transformers and has been working closely with utilities to perfect the design of these transformers.

SWER Transformers Product Range:

·         16kVa 19KV/240V

·         32kVa 19kV/240V

·         64kVa 19kV/240V

·         50kVa 22kV/19V

·         50kVa 33kV/19V

·         100kVa 22kV/19V

·         100Kva 33kV/19V

·         200kVa 22kV/19V

·         200kVa 33kV/19V

·         400kVa 22kV/19V

·         400kVa 33kV/19V

·         Transformers comply with SANS 780 and IEC 60076.