Clean Energy Transformers

Revive Electrical transformers is one of the leaders for transformers in the Renewable sectors. Our company is involved with various EPC’s and IPP’s

Range : 500KVA – 5000KVA cast resin.

Dry Type Auxiliary transformers from 25KVA – 200KVA lv/lv

We  have 80%local content

• Able to meet the harsh environments of solar power with up to 110% loading at peak hours.
• Transformers able to switch on high loads at various temperatures from 0 Degrees Celsius – 40 Degrees Celsius.
• Low Noise levels
• Low Partial discharge levels.
• Compact
• We are able to build IP23 enclosures for outdoor use.
• Our company is able to produce transformers with Dual secondary winding suitable to connect two inverters at the same time.
• Transformers suitable for solar, wind Energy and Hydro.
• 3 Year Warrantee on Cast Resin PV transformers.
• The deepest experience in the design to guarantee the best technical solutions in all applications by European Consultant and experts.
• The most demanding quality control system to guarantee the total reliability of the product.
• Present all over South Africa and sub Saharan Africa and guarantee the fastest delivery and best after sales service.
• ISO 9001 Certifications.
• ISO 14000 and 18000



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